AFRC Partners with Kessel Run to Launch Project SUPRA

Press Release

BOSTON (22 April, 2021) – The Air Force Reserve and Kessel Run recently kicked-off a new software development program named Project SUPRA (Super UTAPS Product Replacement with AROWS). The purpose of Project SUPRA is to simplify and update the user interface of the Air Force Reserve’s UTAPS (Unit Training Assembly Personnel System) and AROWS-R (Air Reserve Order Writing System – Reserve).

UTAPS and AROWS-R are the primary systems by which Citizen Airmen schedule Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Annual Tour (AT) periods. This system is also used for duty certification and drives the process by which members are paid for their duty through the DFAS myPay system. This user interface redesign effort is the first of future initiatives that fall under the Air Force Reserve’s Travel Pay Reform Initiative to evaluate and improve the travel pay process from beginning to end.

Under this effort, Air Force Reserve leadership has solicited feedback from Citizen Airmen on how to improve the current travel pay system which sometimes results in significant delays in travel and pay reimbursement for Reservists.

“AFRC is leading this initiative by elevating the critical importance of these mission support platforms that our Citizen Airmen depend on,” said Col. Gregory “GM” Kuzma, Project Lead for the Air Force Reserve Travel Pay Reform Initiative, who has been leading project since August 2020. “I look forward to working with the outstanding team at AFRC A1, A6, FM, HQ RIO, as well as Technology Services Organization, and Kessel Run to work toward a shared goal of making the travel pay process easier.”

Col. Kuzma went on to state, “AFRC’s partnership with Kessel Run will help accelerate change and have a positive impact on the resiliency of our Citizen Airmen. The goal for this phase is to develop a completely new, browser-agnostic interface that is mobile-compatible. Citizen Airmen will be able to schedule, approve, and get paid for duty through their smartphones.”

Kessel Run has a proven track record in enhancing efficiency, saving cost and modernizing the way the Air Force operates with its agile software development. Kessel Run will now lend its talents to modernizing the Air Force Reserve pay system.

“As a Reservist who has personally experienced the pains of being dependent on antiquated systems; I am proud that Kessel Run will be able to help streamline and modernize the way we pay our Airmen,” said Col. Brian Beachkofski, Commander of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Detachment 12, (also known as Kessel Run). “This is yet another example of how Kessel Run is helping move us into the future.”

For more information, please contact Lt Col Alexis Presti-Simpson, Kessel Run at

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