We set goals. And we deliver. At Kessel Run, we are revolutionizing the way the Air Force builds and delivers software capabilities, by taking industry-proven software development practices and pairing them with talented Airmen. With our innovative and agile techniques, we are able to sense and respond to conflict in any domain, anytime, anywhere.

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Upcoming Contract Opportunities

Enterprise Developer/Designer Operational Requirement (EnDOR):

Software Development & UX Designer Services via options such as remote working and/or locally within Boston, MA. Modernization effort includes seeking to leverage advantages of Cloud Computing, PaaS, IaaS, and an adoption of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/DI)

  • 2 RFIs released on GSA MAS in Jan & Mar 21’; 2 RFIs released to PlatformOne DevSecOps BOA (SB) Holders in Apr 21’ & May 21’
  • Anticipated RFQ release date August 2021
  • Period of Performance: Dec ‘21 – ‘Dec 26
  • POCs: PM Wayne Griggs and PCO 2d Lt Greg Orlando (gorlando@kr.af.mil)

Falconer (formerly known as LTM&S Next Gen)

Air Operations Center (AOC) Weapon System (WS) is a system of systems program of record that incorporates numerous 3rd party s/w apps and COTS products. Sustain established AOC WS 10.1 baseline while supporting migration and/or integration of legacy AOC WS 10.1 and third party applications to the cloud.

  • Anticipated RFP Release: Sep ‘21
  • Period of Performance Jun ‘22 - Jun ‘27
  • POC: PM Todd Meyers and PCO Bobby Garrahan (rgarrahan@kr.af.mil)
  • Falconer Industry Day - Industry Day: Jul 12-13 Details: Link

Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT)

JTT is an ACC sponsored capability which provides standardized, secure, automated decision support for joint and allied commanders worldwide. AFLCMC Det 12 JTT PMO is pursuing continued efforts to sustain and develop JTT, in support of global, joint service, and multinational operations. Its aim is delivering rapid and robust targeting capabilities to the end user.

The anticipated contract start date is updated to June 2022. Additional market research is being conducted to aid in the re-development of the acquisition plan. At this time an RFP release date/location is still being finalized, but will be posted here once more information is publicly available.

Global Application Delivery Network (GADN)

An Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) centric modernization effort which seeks to leverage the advantages of Cloud computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and adoption of a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline in order to get capability out to the field more quickly.

  • RFI Released Apr 23; Responses due by May 20 ‘21
  • Expected RFI #2 Release Late June 2021
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Nov ‘21
  • Period of Performance Jun ‘22 - Jun ‘27
  • POC: PM Andrew Jaccoma and PCO Michael Lodi (mlodi@kr.af.mil)
  • View the RFI on beta.sam.gov
  • View RFI 2 and a Draft Statement of Objectives: Link

Balanced Team Enablement Services

Partner with the Air Force (AF) Detachment 12 Kessel Run activity to provide enablement services based on continuous skills assessments of Kessel Run personnel to target areas of greatest need: Product Management (PM), User Centered Design (UCD), Software Development.

*This is not an exhaustive list: Opportunities are posted as they occur on | GSA.gov | beta.SAM.gov | sewp.nasa.gov
Last updated August 30, 2021