AFA warfare symposium 2024

DAF leaders lock arms, present plan to reoptimize Air Force, Space Force

In a show of unity fueled by a sense of urgency, senior Department of the Air Force civilian and military leaders unveiled Feb. 12 a set of sweeping decisions designed to reoptimize the Air Force and Space Force to maintain preeminence, deter adversaries, and prevail in an era of Great Power Competition.


USTRANSCOM commander’s message to the force:
Tell your story

Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, commander of U.S. Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill., visited here Jan. 16, 2024. She gave a personal development talk to Kessel Runners and other Airmen at the base, in which she spoke about the importance of telling your story.

Kelly Palaia

Kessel Run priorities aligned with National Defense Strategy

Kessel Run’s Operational Command and Control product line chief spoke with the organization here, Aug. 2, 2023, about her goals for delivering capabilities to warfighting Airmen, and ensuring alignment with the National Defense Strategy.


C2IMERA designated as the standard for two Air Force MAJCOMS

Two Air Force major commands have designated C2IMERA as the standard for developing a common operating picture for their installations.

Maj Gen-Visit-KR

Former CENTCOM Deputy CFACC highlights Kessel Run impact

U.S. Central Command’s former Deputy Combined Force Air Component Commander spoke to Kessel Runners about the operational impact their applications deliver to Airmen downrange, here on July 14, 2023.