Do you think you can make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs? Are you up for the challenge? This is your chance to make history. These are the jobs you are looking for. Find your dream job with us! We are hiring for developers, designers, product managers, data scientists, and more. Click Here to see our open career opportunities.

Kessel Run revolutionizes the way the Air Force builds and delivers software to Airmen around the world. We continuously deliver war-winning software across the globe through rapid feedback loops and user-centered design. We embrace Agile principles, DevSecOps, commercially-available solutions, and lean product management practices to continuously integrate and deliver software capabilities.

At Kessel Run, we value:
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Continuous Learning
We practice:
  • Lean Product Management
  • User Centered Design
  • Extreme Programming

Based in downtown Boston, we are game changers in the Air Force. Every day, we are building and shipping applications and our platform that support warfighters around the globe. We don’t just deploy applications, we create value for our users.

  • IDEAS OVER RANK: we value all ideas equally, regardless of where they come from
  • INTENSE CUSTOMER FOCUS: our users are our number one priority
  • BIAS FOR ACTION: we overcome analysis-paralysis and make good decisions quickly
  • CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION: we fail fast; we learn fast

NO. We ARE the Air Force! Kessel Run is Detachment 12 of Air Force Lifecycle Management Center, based out of Boston, MA, with operating locations at Hanscom AFB and Langley AFB.

  • Coworkers: jobs listed on this site are typically for hiring new government employees. You will be working alongside other government civilians as well as active duty military, both officers and enlisted, and federal contractors.
  • “Stakeholders:” Your stakeholders are deployed Airmen and their sponsors at the Pentagon.

  • If you applied when jobs opened on 21 March, we expect that you will begin your employment around mid-July, or approximately 14 weeks.
  • 21 March: Job applications open
  • 3 April: Job applications close
  • 2 May - 10 May: Invitations to offer negotiations sent
  • 18/19 May: Negotiations and offers made
  • July: Earliest start dates for new hires

  • Defense Acquisition University
  • Free access to paid commercial-grade education products, such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and O’Reilly books.
  • Eligibility for tuition reimbursement after 36 months
  • Participation in our active communities of practice: weekly practice times, book clubs, and regular trips out to users.
  • Engage in our mentorship program with fellow employees; we employ senior engineers, designers, and managers with 20+ years of experience, as well as college interns. Learn from the masters, or try your hand at mentoring yourself!

  • The best way to get your foot in the door at Kessel Run is by applying for a long term tour of duty opportunity. We recommend that you obtain written approval from your supervisor and/or commander prior to applying. Check this board for open opportunities.
  • You may also talk to your career field manager about your choices and if Kessel Run would be a good fit for you. We are not able to guarantee spots at Kessel Run at this time due to the nature of Talent Marketplace. To be considered during the selection process, please ensure that you add as much relevant information about your skills and experience as possible.