Kessel Run's C2IMERA used during Afghan evacuation

C2IMERA, which stands for Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application, is an application focused on reporting, planning, force generation, emergency management, and command and control monitoring and execution.

Kessel Run nominated for Aviation Week Network award

The Kessel Run All Domain Operations Suite (KRADOS), is a suite of applications that streamlines the Air Tasking Order process, by automating planning functions previously completed manually or through stand-alone systems or applications.

Vice Chief of German Air Force Visits Kessel Run

Lt. Gen. Dr. Ansgar Rieks and members of his staff toured Kessel Run’s facility in Boston, Sept. 8. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Detachment 12, also known as Kessel Run, is revolutionizing Air Force software acquisition...

Kessel Run’s ADCP contributes to Open Source Operator Community

Kessel Run, officially known as Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Detachment 12, is a software development and acquisition’s unit. The submission came from the All Domain Common Platform...

Air Combat Command asks for C2IMERA

C2IMERA, which stands for Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application, is being directed for use by all ACC installations, as a result of the application's successful implementation across more than 40 Air Force Installations.

Kessel Runners selected for Defense Ventures Fellowship

The Defense Venture Fellowship is a Small Business Innovation Research Phase 3 program run by the San Francisco based company Shift and overseen by AFWERX. The Immersion Program is funded by the Department of Defense, and focuses on connecting DoD personnel with industry and venture capitalists in a shared learning environment.

Kessel Run delivers Chaos Engineering Practices to Black Pearl

Kessel Run has begun the process of delivering Chaos Engineering Practices to Black Pearl - practices with the potential to enhance all software development units within the Department of Defense.

Exclusive interview with Lt. Gen. Chris Weggeman

Kessel Run is pleased to be joined by the Deputy Commander of Air Combat Command (ACC), Lt. Gen. Christopher Weggeman. Sir, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today.


Chief Digital Transformation Officer visits Kessel Run

Stuart Wagner spent the day learning about Kessel Run at One Beacon, Boston, June 22. Wagner is Chief Digital Transformation Officer for the Air Force and Space Force. Wagner spent the day learning about how Kessel Run...


NATO purchases DoD Software application developed by Kessel Run

A Department of Defense software application was purchased by NATO and used to plan air-to-air refueling (AAR) operations during Ramstein Ambition 21, a two week exercise, recently.


Q&A with Maj. Gen. Russ L. Mack

Maj. Gen. Russ L. Mack sat down with Kessel Run to discuss distributed Command and Control, and the future of operations for the United States Air Force. Mack spent the day at Kessel Run receiving briefs and touring the facility.


Lt. Gen. Haugh visits Kessel Run

Lt. Gen. Timothy Haugh speaks with Col. Brian Beachkofski while touring a Kessel Run facility on Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., May 13. Haugh visited Kessel Run to receive briefs about Kessel Run’s various applications and platforms.


609th AOC optimizes ATO production, first to use KRADOS operationally

U.S. Air Forces Central’s 609th Air Operations Center made history this week when it became the first AOC to operationally utilize the Kessel Run All Domain Operations Suite to plan and execute the Master Air Attack Plan.


Kessel Run Reaches AOC WS Modernization Milestone

During a quarterly senior leader review, Kessel Run and Air Combat Command leaders agreed the Air Operations Center Weapon System (AOC WS) program has met an important milestone on the path toward replacing its legacy command and control planning and execution capabilities.


AFRC Partners with Kessel Run to Launch Project SUPRA

The Air Force Reserve and Kessel Run recently kicked-off a new software development program named Project SUPRA (Super UTAPS Product Replacement with AROWS).


Army Chief Technology Officer Tours Kessel Run

Col. Brian Beachkofski, Commander of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Detachment 12, (also known as Kessel Run) gives Dr. William Cohen, the Chief Technology Officer and Principal Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology, a tour of a Kessel Run facility on Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., April 8.


U.S. Strategic Command Commander tours Kessel Run

Admiral Charles “Chas” A. Richard receives a brief about Kessel Run’s various applications and platforms, during a tour of their headquarters in Boston, March 18, 2021.


Q&A with General Charles Q. Brown Jr.

Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Charles Q. Brown discusses the future of software and artificial intelligence with Kessel Run in this exclusive interview.


What is a DevSecOps Unit?

The Department of Defense (DoD) has seldom built anything of its own, purchasing numerous materials, platforms, weapons, infrastructure, and technologies from the commercial sector for centuries.


Kessel Run Deploys KRADOS to Air Operation Center

This is an important milestone in the journey to modernize the AOC and eventually realize the vision of the Block 20, distributed AOC weapon system, allowing the service to later deprecate the existing 10.1 Falconer Weapon System.


Adam Furtado Wins FedScoop Disruptor of the Year

Each year, the FedScoop 50 Awards honor the best and the brightest who make the federal government more efficient and effective.


Kessel Run, Kobayashi Maru Join Forces In Recent Collaboration

Kessel Run and Kobayashi Maru are members of an expanding and moderately publicized Department of Defense software ecosystem modernizing the United States Air Force


Virtual Kessel Runner Hackathon

What happens when you calculate the sum of 72 hours, 63 hackers and one championship belt in a place where intense customer focus and a bias for action are part of the daily routine?


Kessel Run Innovates Its Hiring Practices

For the businesses and agencies which remained, the challenges also created real obstacles to maintaining or growing its work force amid all the changes..


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