Jennifer McBee

BOSTON (March 27, 2023) – Kessel Run has selected Jennifer McBee as its new deputy division chief. In her new role, she’ll help guide the organization in its mission to deliver warfighting software to deter and defeat adversaries in the digital age.

McBee was competitively selected through the Air Force’s acquisition functional succession planning process.

“I'm thrilled they made the right choice,” said Col. Rich Lopez, Kessel Run senior materiel leader. “I'm excited for Jenn, her family, and really looking forward to working with her.”

Prior to this promotion, McBee was Kessel Run’s chief of acquisition, responsible for a $1.5 billion portfolio that modernizes, integrates, and sustains the Air Force’s worldwide air operations center enterprise, and a range of unit-level systems for maintenance, command and control, and intelligence.

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