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Pentagon: ‘Modernization is a perpetual journey’

BOSTON (11 February 2022) – The Software Modernization Strategy was approved by the Department of Defense on Feb. 1, sending a revitalizing shockwave over the warfighting software ecosystem.

“The DoD Software Modernization Strategy provides the approach for achieving faster delivery of software capabilities in support of Department priorities such as Joint All Domain Command and Control and artificial intelligence,” said Dr. Kathleen Hicks, deputy secretary of defense, addressing senior Pentagon leadership in a memorandum.

Replacing the 2018 DoD Cloud Strategy, the software modernization outlines three major goals: to accelerate the DoD enterprise cloud environment; to establish a department-wide software factory ecosystem; and to transform processes to enable resilience and speed. The strategy also details long and short term objectives, including evolving policy, making acquisition more agile, empowering the workforce and managing commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) for efficiency and effectiveness.

Other prolific leaders such as Gen. Mark D. Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, have also been vying for significant changes to how software acquisition and development units, like Kessel Run, do business.

Under Kelly’s direction, Kessel Run’s Command and Control Incident Management Response Application, (C2IMERA) is rolling out this week across Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va., which, according to a press release, creates a Common Operating Picture for both parts of the greater installation.

The Pentagon’s strategy concludes by saying that difficulties are expected to achieve the superordinate goal of modernizing the entire DoD ecosystem. The strategy is a call to action for DoD leaders to have an implementation plan within the next six months.

“Success necessitates not just action, but an overall shift in mindset and culture,” the strategy states. “We must also lead this culture change, recognizing and instilling the notion that modernization is a perpetual journey... one the Department must take to reinforce and guarantee the future of its warfighting dominance.”

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