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Lopez: ‘Our adversaries are real, dangerous, and are playing to win’

By Damany Coleman, Public Affairs Officer, Kessel Run

BOSTON (13 October 2022) – The Department of Defense announced a new software modernization strategy earlier this year that outlines a large-scale modernization of all technology, tactics and software that would continue to give America and our allies war-winning capabilities.

In the race for digital dominance, America and its allies can’t settle for incremental change. All arms of the DoD have been tasked with joining together to innovate, iterate and operate as a force of the future.

The Air Force recently celebrated its 75th year of innovation, bravery and sacrifice. We’ve used our air superiority since then to hold a strong advantage over our adversaries. Thanks to those two pioneering bike salesmen from Ohio, airplanes and air power have helped the U.S. and its allies win battles in every major conflict since, solidifying our place as the most powerful and advanced air force in the world.

The heart of adventure, curiosity and bravery still beats strongly in all of us today but there is always more work to be done.

Frank Kendall, Secretary of the Air Force, made his operational imperatives quite clear: software factories, acquisitions units, DevSecOps units and everything in between must organize and execute efforts throughout the ecosystem to stay ahead of all current and potential threats.

Not coincidentally, Kessel Run is also shedding its old skin and also celebrating its fifth year of creating war-winning software. The current phase of our organization is to mature our processes and set standards that will stand the test of time.

Col. Richard Lopez, the Senior Materiel Leader for Kessel Run, has issued his own set of imperatives at the unit level that will usher in the next evolution of software development and command and control capabilities.

Lopez said these simple yet effective actions will guarantee everyone in the organization is doing their part.

Focus on Rapidly Fielding Robust Applications
Simply put, the entirety of Kessel Run is here to support the objectives of the OpsC2 and WingC2 BRANCHES. Every other team within Kessel Run is here to make sure they succeed.

Build A Resilient Organization for the Long-Term
First Col. Oti, then Col. Beachkofski and now Col. Lopez; Each leader at the helm of Kessel Run has taken vital strides in evolving the organization, allowing it to consistently deliver. This consistency has to be solidified with mature processes, tools, and standards, and not based on the heroics of individual people.

Enhancing Programmatic Rigor
The commitment to our warfighters, taxpayers and to one another is more clear now than ever. Using resources wisely and being responsible for the cost, schedule, and performance of what we acquire and deliver has never been more important.

Col. Lopez feels these imperatives ensure the Air Force maintains credible capabilities to support its role to deterrence operations worldwide. We think he’s right.

“The capabilities (Kessel Run) delivers create a dilemma for our adversaries that changes their calculus when considering aggression,” said Lopez. “You give the United States the credibility it needs to enable peace. Our adversaries are real, dangerous and are playing to win.”

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