By Kessel Run Public Affairs

BOSTON (May 16, 2023) – Kessel Run recently hired 11 government civilians from within its organization to key positions as part of its ongoing strategy to recognize and retain top talent.

In addition to bringing in more than 20 new employees onto the team from outside the organization, 7 Kessel Runners were promoted and 4 accepted a different position within the team in its latest hiring cycle. Some of the key promotions included deputy division chief, data science technical lead, and technical product managers.

“The ability to grow talent from within is invaluable to our organization, with the expertise they bring from the positions they’ve held,” said Leah Peterson, the Cyberspace Operations Support Senior Functional for Kessel Run. “Their perspectives internal to the organization help diversify thought across our BRANCHES when we can retain and move talent within the organization.”

According to Peterson, Kessel Run external and internal hiring cycles occur two to four times a year depending on organizational needs. The hiring cycle opens to current Kessel Run employees in all categories prior to being advertised externally to bolster internal promotion and movement opportunities; while still seeking top talent from outside.

“All government civilians have the ability to apply to positions that become available,” Peterson said. “When we define a role for hire we will consider any and every candidate for it in order to zero in on the true best fit.”

Hiring employees within the organization is nothing new for Kessel Run. Last year, 35 Kessel Runners were promoted, or moved laterally within the organization. Additionally, 135 new employees joined the organization during that time.

“There is nothing more exciting for me than to see familiar and amazing talent that are crushing it in their current roles, moving up to greater roles of responsibility,” Peterson said.

Kessel Run encourages all employees to apply to different positions within Kessel Run as a means to increase their responsibility, enhance their skills, grow their understanding of the organization, or change their job entirely, according to Peterson.

“It's no secret some people may get bored doing the same job for years,” Peterson said. “The door is open and there will be opportunities for our employees to apply to different positions. It’s key to retention efforts.”

Hector Moreno, a portfolio lead engineer and one of the newly promoted Kessel Runners, attributed his success applying to a higher position based on support he received from the organization’s leadership and his desire to continue working in a job that supports the wellbeing of our country and the Air Force.

“I received so much support from my leadership and team,” Moreno said. “I wasn’t looking for monetary compensation when I came to Kessel Run. I understood early on that it was very unlikely that I would have a better opportunity in my career to have such a direct impact on the wellbeing of our country. There is so much opportunity at Kessel Run to do meaningful things.”

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