PACAF command chief visits Kessel Run

By Richard Blumenstein
Kessel Run Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass., (March 23, 2023) – As Kessel Run continues to prioritize delivering robust applications for warfighters worldwide, the Pacific Air Forces’ command chief made a timely visit to the unit here, March 20, to meet Airmen and educate them on the current state of the Pacific Region.

Chief Master Sergeant David R. Wolfe visited as Kessel Run focuses on ensuring resilient operations of current capabilities, and enabling distributed command and control operations in the Pacific. During the visit, he explained the importance of rapidly advancing the Air Force’s capabilities in order to deter potential future conflicts and prevail in a potential major theater war.

“A free and open Indo-Pacific region. That's the command's bumper sticker," said Wolfe. "It's super important that the technology that you guys (Kessel Run) are developing for us has that perspective as a backdrop."

Wolfe said that cooperation with Allies and joint training across the Department of Defense is a key to deter conflicts and prepare forces in the massive Pacific area of responsibility.

“All of the operations happening throughout the Pacific are pre-coordinated joint operations with experimentation and capability development baked in,” Wolfe said.

According to Wolfe, the majority of the world's economy runs through the Pacific, and a significant portion of America's major trade partners are in the region.

“From Hollywood to Bollywood, from polar bears to penguins … that’s the size of our AOR (area of responsibility),” he said. “That’s pretty massive, right? The problem sets that you guys are working on here are influenced by that, and that’s why we need you.”

Kessel Run is a system program office organized as a scalable software factory to architect, manufacture and operate intuitively designed wing and operational level command and control systems to function effectively in highly contested environments.

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