KR at Boston Marathon

By McKinnon Dziadaszek
Kessel Run Public Affairs

(BOSTON, May 2, 2023) – If there’s one thing we know about our Kessel Run teammates, it’s that they always go the extra mile.

That’s especially true for Kessel Runners Kevin Doyle and Lara Dorsky, who are on the heels of participating in the 2023 Boston Marathon – giving a whole new meaning to the “run” in Kessel Runner.

For Massachusetts native and WingC2 Program Manager Kevin Doyle, running his first Boston Marathon (and second career marathon) was a personal milestone that carried a lot of meaning. Doyle was selected to run as a member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention charity team, an organization close to his heart, personally raising nearly $11,000 for the cause during the race.

Long distance running serves as a form of meditation for Doyle – simultaneously relieving stress and providing an avenue that has helped generate some of his best ideas and solutions he can apply back to his position at Kessel Run.

“I've participated in so many middle distance races and long distance relays, but nothing really compares to the excitement of a major marathon,” Doyle said. “I'm humbled and proud to wear the AFSP jersey for my first Boston Marathon. I'm also humbled by the support and encouragement my coworkers on C2IMERA and the entire Kessel Run team have shown me.”

New Yorker Lara Dorsky, Talent Operations Manager, is also no stranger to long distance running having participated in more than 50 marathons and placed 81st in her division in Boston, crossing the finish line in 2:53 (running an average pace of 6:36 per mile).

This year marked Dorsky’s seventh time running the Boston Marathon, and one of her most memorable yet, she said.

“I love the excitement and energy around major marathons like Boston,” Dorsky said. “The whole city seems to be involved in some way or another.”

Out of all of the incredible moments that are bound to happen over the course of 26.2 miles, nothing beat seeing her Kessel Run teammates cheering her on in the rain and greeting her at the finish line.

“The team culture we have at Kessel Run is unbelievable,” Dorsky said. “I’m so grateful to work alongside such thoughtful and dedicated people whose passion for Kessel Run’s mission and unique culture stretches well beyond the typical 9-5.”

There are a lot of parallels we could draw between accomplishing a marathon (let alone 50) and the commitment it takes to serve your country and community, both in and out of uniform. But our biggest takeaway is perseverance. Whether it’s running 26.2 miles in the pouring rain, or pushing the limits on what’s possible to support the warfighter, Kessel Runners will always be ready for the next challenge.

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