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By Kessel Run Public Affairs

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam (July 18, 2023) – A Kessel Run application was used by Airmen here to help respond to the devastating impact of Typhoon Mawar, a category 4 typhoon that hit Guam in May.

The typhoon ravaged Guam on May 24, and throughout the night caused destruction on the island, according to an Air Force press release. Airmen at Andersen AFB used Kessel Run’s Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application, or C2IMERA, to assist command and control efforts during the storm and subsequent recovery efforts.

“As an Emergency Operations and Management member, C2IMERA allowed real-time visibility of Andersen's critical infrastructure and operations,” said Master Sgt. Charlton Nelson, a ground transportation section chief with the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron. “In regards to interoperability, C2IMERA created a deeper appreciation when responding to real world situations with critical information.”

The application focuses on reporting, planning, force generation, emergency management, and command and control monitoring and execution. It uses a common operating picture and dashboarding capabilities as communication tools, which consolidates and shares information for leaders, and boasts a plethora of features to provide C2 capabilities.

“The use of C2IMERA greatly impacted the collaboration efforts,” Nelson said. “I utilized C2IMERA’s common operating picture to report resources, emergency management, force generating of personnel, monitoring and execution of my C2 duties.”

The application’s tools are customizable and optimized based on the individual needs of the installation. The tools also focus on updating and communicating data in real-time to give commanders a constant picture of their installations, environment, assets and personnel.

“The reporting tools were customized to gain overall success in the demands of recovery operations,” he said. “Simply put, C2IMERA’s higher headquarters reporting tool placed real time communication and awareness of current data. This allowed commanders to make the right decisions for accurate manning, resources, capabilities and limiting factors.”

The C2IMERA application is currently used in more than 70 Air Force installations and more than 100 forward operating bases across the world. Air Combat Command and Air Mobility Command have both directed C2IMERA for use across their installations. Plans are currently in the works to continue onboarding the application across all Air Force bases.

“C2IMERA continues to be an operationally tested and proven example of how close government and industry partnerships can provide capabilities that enhance our warfighters’ abilities to execute missions in real time,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Stueckle, Kessel Run’s WingC2 product line chief.

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