Kessel Run is a Division within Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Digital Directorate. We are building a scalable software factory to architect, manufacture and operate warfighting systems to function effectively in highly contested environments, supporting operations ranging from routine through major theater war. We are composed of 7 Programs and leading digital transformation by focusing on developing and delivering software solutions centered around Command and Control, also known as “C2,” capabilities.


Col RICHARD LOPEZ Senior Materiel Leader
Lt Col Max Reele Materiel Leader
CMSgt Kevin Boles Senior Enlisted Leader
Ms. Ann Griffin Chief of Staff
Mr. Daniel Carroll Chief, Engineer
Ms. Jennifer McBee Chief of Acquisitions
Mr. Ron Malur Chief Technology Officer
Mrs. Kelly Palaia Product Line Chief, OpsC2
Lt Col Jonathan Stueckle Product Line Chief, WingC2
Ms. Purvi Desai Product Line Chief, ADCP
Ms. Leah Peterson Chief People Officer
Ms. Melissa DeLuca Chief of Contracts
Ms. Ashley Niquette Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Jason Ryan Cost Chief