At Kessel Run we value...

Continuous Delivery

We believe that achieving Continuous Delivery and making shipping software a nonevent is imperative to being able to sense and respond to conflict in any domain, anytime, anywhere.

Continuous Feedback

We believe that maintaining short feedback loops with our users is essential for validating product decisions & maintain short feedback loops with our coworkers is essential for personal and professional growth

Continuous Learning

More than anything, we believe that we should always be learning, both individually and as an organization. Having a growth mindset is a requirement for success at Kessel Run.


Lean Product Development

Being lean allows us to validate our assumptions and mitigate risk at every turn. We are constantly ensuring that we are building the next most valuable thing, the simplest way, as fast as possible.

User Centered Design

Our user-centered approach ensures that we are always delivering value to our users. We are constantly iterating and validating assumptions via user research and user testing.

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming allows us to always feel confident to go fast, forever. Pair Programming and Test Driven Development are core tenets that ensure that we can pivot on a moments notice and our code is always shippable.